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Providing a solution starts with understanding the application and performance expectations of the cable assembly. Caton achieves this through an exchange of ideas, drawings and, if required, customer visits.

In situations requiring prototype evaluations, qualification testing, life testing and first article certification; Caton Engineering stays with the customer every step of the way.

Once products are released to Manufacturing, Caton Engineering remains involved with an in-plant engineer presence. This effort includes analysis of product quality checks at both the in-process and final inspection levels. Additionally, interaction with assembly personnel provides input on potential process improvement so optimum yield can be achieved.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Climate controlled assembly area (temperature and humidity)
  • Thermoset transfer molding
  • Thermoplastic injection molding
  • Automatic wire stripping (Schleuniger)
  • IPC-JSTD-001
  • Vacuum encapsulation
  • Multiple conductor cable construction
  • Custom part marking (Autoroll pad equipment)

Testing & Quality Assurance

Before any product leaves Caton it is tested in accordance with accepted test protocol. This ensures all design, mechanical and acceptance testing are from manufacturers such as:

  • Bertan
  • Biddle
  • Boonton
  • Cirris
  • Fil-Coil
  • Hiptronics
  • Isotek
  • Tektronix
  • Tenney
  • Thermotron
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