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Caton is an ISO 9001 and AS 9100 manufacturing facility.  Each member of Caton’s manufacturing workforce averages over ten years of experience. Each operator is required to have current certification to IPC-JSTD-001 soldering standards and adhere to strict AS9100 ISO standards.

Training and re-certification processes are in place to ensure that operators remain fully capable of assembling any part for any customer. Cross training in all facets of Caton’s production processes are pursued on a continuing basis to allow easy explanation of production cells as customer requirements develop.

Within Caton’s Kingston, MA plant, over 20,000 sq ft. is dedicated to the assembly of custom cables and connectors. Custom molding presses and a custom vacuum chamber were designed and manufactured by Caton in order to meet customer requirements.

Custom molded rubber inserts, vacuum encapsulation, and molded on rubber connectors are produced in Caton’s Molding Department. Our skilled engineers and top-of-the-line facilities enable Caton to produce high quality corona free and 0 partial discharge assemblies.

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