High Voltage Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Caton High Voltage Connectors and Cable Assemblies are trusted the world over in the most critical applications.

Caton invented the no-corona high voltage connectors that have become the gold standard in military, industrial, consumer electronic, and medical applications. Our standard high-voltage connectors can be customized or modified to fit most any requirements. Our unique no-corona connector interface ensures clean, consistent power delivery across a wide range of critical applications. Caton connectors are custom designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions. Our high-voltage connectors and cables have survived more than 30 years of continuous use and sea, high altitude reconnaissance missions, and extreme military use.

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Featured Products

  • 14 Series High Voltage Connectors

    Caton 14 Series High Voltage Connectors and Cable Assemblies
    Single conductor, inline assemblies featuring our proven tapered conical interface ideal for high vibrations, shock and humidity

  • 16 Series High Voltage Connectors

    Built to perform in a wide range of temperatures and altitudes for high voltage power supplies, military, medical, scientific, and industrial applications

  • 17 Series High Voltage Connectors

    Screw on coupling connector for high voltage applications where safe and “steady state” voltage is required

  • 19 Series High Voltage Connectors

    19 Series high-voltage connector
    High voltage cable assemblies designed for high-pulse applications where Corona-Free high voltage and high reliability are required

  • FT Series High Voltage Connectors

    Caton feed-through connectors
    Detachable feed through for transmitting high voltage to and from oil-insulated devices

  • High Voltage Cable Assemblies

    high-voltage cable assembly
    Custom high voltage cable assemblies to for Caton and third-party connectors made to perform in the world’s most challenging environments

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