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Caton Featured in National Defense Magazine

Caton Vice President Dave Galambos contributed editorial entitled “Big Benefits for Small Businesses Pursuing Defense Programs” in the July edition of National Defense Magazine.  In the article, Galambos shares insights from decades of working with government agencies and contractors. This article relays the importance of understanding the longevity of military and other government programs and […]

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Military systems need corona-free cables.

Eliminating effects of electrical discharge is key to fast, reliable signal transmission. Military electronic systems must operate reliably in the face of many harsh operational and environmental conditions. Some conditions, like extreme temperatures and corrosive atmospheres, are well known and can be anticipated. Less straightforward is the problem of corona.  Everyone knows that it is […]

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The Nature of Corona

The word “corona” means “crown,” and is derived from other types of electrical discharges (like that in a neon sign that creates a visible glow). Electrical breakdown of a gas occurs when the potential gradient between two conductors exceeds a threshold determined by the gas pressure, the dielectric present, and a number of geometric factors. […]

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