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Illustration of a Caton series 14 high voltage assembly

14 Series

10-45 kVDC Panel Mount and In-line Assemblies

The 14 series assemblies are single conductor, inline assemblies designed for high voltage applications where high performance and a “steady-state” voltage is required at a lower cost than conventional shell type connectors.

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16 Series

5-50 kVDC Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblie

The 16 series cable assemblies are offered in multiple shell sizes, and multiple insert configurations. This series is designed for high voltage applications where high reliability is required in a wide range of temperature, altitude, and environment conditions.

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17 Series

10-40 kVDC LGG Type Assemblies

The 17 series is offered in 3 voltage ranges and feature a single conductor and are designed for high voltage applications where a “steady state” voltage is required. The cable assembly consists of a silicone rubber tapered conical interface, which is molded directly onto the wire to insure a high dielectric strength and maximum performance.

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19 Series

60 kVDC Corona-Free Cable Assemblies

The 19 Series is our foremost, standard, assembly designed for high pulse applications where Corona-Free high voltage and high reliability are required. All standard assemblies utilize Caton’s proven silicone rubber tapered interface.

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Flat Flexible Cable

Flat Flexible Cable

100V-80 kVDC Silicone Multi-Conductor Cable

Caton’s line of Hi-Flex Shielded and Unshielded Cables provides the advantages of all Caton flexible silicone cables in a standard, low-cost package. Ultra-flexible, finely stranded wire conductors are used for maximum flexibility and long life in dynamic flexing applications.

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High Voltage Silicone Wire

High Voltage Silicone Wire

UL Style and Dual Extruded High Voltage Wire

These designs have earned the UL approval only after successfully meeting stringent performance and manufacturing acceptance criteria. The silicone dielectric maintains excellent flexibility over an extreme temperature range and is resistant against radiation, moisture, and weathering.

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Many of Caton’s high voltage connector designs are capable of operating up to 70,000 ft while exposed to temperatures of -55c to +125c.

Not all designs on this website are designed to operate at these extremes, but all will perform with a high degree of reliability.

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