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Flat Flexible Cable

100V-80 kVDC Silicone Multi-Conductor Cable

Caton’s line of Hi-Flex Shielded and Unshielded Cables provides the advantages of all Caton flexible silicone cables in a standard, low-cost package. Ultra-flexible, finely stranded wire conductors are used for maximum flexibility and long life in dynamic flexing applications. The exclusive extrusion process encapsulates the wire conductors in crystal clear, flexible, yet extremely durable silicone insulation, making it ideal in diverse applications, including aerospace, festoon systems, food & beverage, forestry, industrial automation, medical, packaging, printing, pulp & paper, and semiconductor manufacturing.

1.0 Electrical
1.1 Insulation Resistance: 200meg Ω @ 500Vdc
1.2 Dielectric Strength: 450 Volts/mil (17.7kV/mm)
1.3 Dielectric Constant: 2.8 (nominal)
2.0 Environmental
2.1 Temperature Rating: -65°C to 260°C
2.2 Moisture Rating: Submersible
2.3 Vacuum Rating: 5 x 10-5 torr
2.4 Outgassing: 0.24 %TML, 0.02 %CVCM
2.5 Radiation: 107 Roentgens (exposure)
2.6 Acid resistance: Good
2.7 Oil Resistance: Good
2.8 Ozone Resistance: Outstanding
2.9 Flame Resistance: Good
2.10 Water/Steam Resistance: Excellent
2.11 Alcohol Resistance: Good
2.12 Toxins: Halogen-Free
3.0 Mechanical
3.1 Life Expectancy: 10,000,000 cycles
3.2 Minimum Bend Radius (Flexing): 10x Cable thickness
3.3 Durometer Rating: Shore A, 65
3.4 Tensile Strength: 6.5 Mpa (psi)
3.5 Tear Strength: 18 kN/m
Extremely Flexible Life expectancy of 10,000,000 Cycles
Extreme environment resistance RoHS Compliant
Low Voltage, High Voltage, RF, Fiber UL Recognized – File #E324413, CE
Up to 12 conductors Fire resistant
Conductors are encapsulated in silicone
Aerospace Robotics
Ship Board and Ground radar Medical Equipment
Laser Equipment Remote Operated Vehicles
Satellite Systems

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