Quality Notes

BF – Universal Quality Note
CC – Solderablility Requirements IPC/EIA-J-STD-002
CT – Caton Connector Hardware Painting Requirements
CX – Soldering Requirements (IPC J-STD-001E)
DD – First Article Inspection (FAI)
DE – Caton Connector Source Verification
DL – Government Source Surveillance (GSS) / Inspection (GSI) ER
EB – Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)
EC – Qualification Test Plan and Report (QTP & QTR)
F-022 – Aero Supplier Quality Requirements
HK – Welding and Brazing Requirements
JW – Solderable Termination Finishes (No Pure Tin)
JY – Plating, Surface Finishes and Conditioning Requirement
LZ – UID Label Marking Requirements
MA – Electrostatic Sensitive Devices (ESD)
QA – Caton Connector Critical Part
QL – Certificate of Conformance (C of C)
TC – Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Requirements
WE – Counterfeit Material Avoidance Process Requirements
WF – Universal Quality Note with Exceptions to Special Processes

Conflict Materials Policy