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Custom Cable Assemblies by Caton

In 1973 Caton began designing and manufacturing custom cable assemblies for customers in the military. Since then we have taken our custom design aptitude and addressed other applications. Today we currently serve the Medical, Military, Utility, Avionics, and Semi Conductor markets with custom high voltage cable assemblies, hybrid cable assemblies, low voltage cable assemblies, and a variety of high voltage silicone wire.

We have the experience and ingenuity to provide a custom cable assembly solution for your application, no matter the size and complexity of your project.

Caton saves customers money by modifying existing designs to suit individual needs. To offer the best value, Caton will first look into modifying an existing design to fulfill your project requirements. This may be as simple as a change in length or as complex as a total reconfiguration, involving additional breakouts, moldings and wiring.

Whether you come to Caton with an idea sketched on a napkin or a complete technical blueprint, trust Caton to determine the best solution for your custom cable assembly needs.


Caton has been providing high voltage cable assemblies to Lockheed  Martin and Raytheon for the Aegis AN/SPY-1 (DDG 51 Class) for 40 years. There are multiple assemblies for this application, ranging from 3kVDC to 46kVDC, with Corona Extinction values of 25kV RMS. When the military has a need for the most reliable high voltage connectors they have turned to Caton for the past 40 years.

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Caton has provided various high voltage connectors and cable  assemblies for Raytheon’s JLENS Aerostat system. The voltages for this application are less than 1kVDC, Raytheon designed the assemblies and Caton manufactured and tested them. Caton is also a supplier to other major Aerostat manufacturers that require the use of high voltage connectors.

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Caton provides high voltage connectors for applications in the medical industry such as X-Ray machines and other imaging machines. This particular application is for the Neuronetics TMS Therapy System. This customer needed high voltage connectors that were easy to use and looked good since the patients would be around them. Caton custom designed a high voltage connector that had multi conductors and multi
AWG cables.

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