Caton Interconnect craftsmanshipAt Caton, craftsmanship is a critical ingredient in our value. After 40 years of collaborating with customers to design and build new interconnect technologies, connectors and cable assemblies to endure the world’s toughest applications, we’ve developed a unique insight into the process of making interconnects work in real-world situations. For us, applying this accumulated knowledge is more than just a process–it’s an art form.

At Caton, craftsmanship means seeing a custom solution not just as a need to make a cable assembly, but as an opportunity to put our decades of thinking, experience, and muscle memory to work creating new and better-working interconnect solutions for our valued customers. Here, making high quality products that meet specifications is a given. Caton excels at developing solutions that add meaningfully to the customer’s products, end user experience, and perceived brand value.