Cable Assembly Manufacturing

At Caton, cable assembly manufacturing is our stock-in-trade. Whether designing and manufacturing a brand new interconnect and cable assembly, modifying Caton’s standard connectors, or integrating third-party components, Caton can manufacture custom cable assemblies in high or low volumes efficiently.

Caton’s primary manufacturing facility in Kingston, Massachusetts can be modified for manufacturing at any scale. To keep manufacturing costs down our products are designed with efficiency in mind.  While automation and lean processes are employed to keep manufacturing costs low, a great deal of our value comes from applying our decades of experience to specifying materials and processes that achieve high quality results at the lowest cost.

Cable Preparation

  • Automated Wire and Cable Cutting
  • Proprietary Cable Prep. Methodology
  • IPC-JSTD-001 Certified Solderers

Custom Tooling

  • From CAD models to complete tool design
  • All types of tooling, from  overmolds, to complex automated equipment
  • Experienced quality assurance for precise tools that perform in production

Injection Molding

  • Overmolding of Backshells and Strain Reliefs
  • Plastic Connector Housing Components
  • Advanced Material Bonding Techniques


  • Resin Potting of Passive and Active Electronic Components
  • High Voltage and Environmental Connector Seals
  • Prototypes

Lean Manufacturing

  • Isolated Manufacturing Cells
  • Lot Control and Traceability
  • Climate Controlled Manufacturing