Hybrid Connectors

Hybrid connectors are required by many modern applications: connectors and cable assemblies that combine multiple deliverables such as power, signal, light, fluid, and more. Caton leads the way in hybrid connectors and hybrid cable assembly design and manufacture.

Cable management is an increasingly important aspects of device design. Hybrid connectors simplify connections by eliminating the need for multiple cables and reducing the device footprint. Reducing the number of cables and connectors from device-to-end user or device-to-device decreases cost, cuts cost, reduces risks of entanglement, cable stresses and disconnection, and reduces end user time. Hybrid connectors can also make it easier for device users to ensure that a mating pair is properly engaged in one simple action rather then having to check multiple connections.

Caton designs complete hybrid cable assemblies. We can modify one of our easy-to-use, robust proprietary connector designs or design completely original hybrid interconnects that incorporate multiple needs into a single solution. In addition to the functional benefits hybrid cables offer, Caton also pays careful attention to the design of the interconnect to ensure a pleasing aesthetic appearance that provides a seamless continuity of design between device, hybrid cable, and distal handpieces.

Whether modifying a Caton standard connector platform or designing a completely new connector and cable assembly, Caton helps customers pack more capability into a single interconnect.