Quality Assurance

Caton quality assurance
At Caton, quality assurance is a critical part of the process. Before any product leaves Caton, its performance is verified in accordance with accepted test protocols. Our electrical engineers and quality control technicians inspect incoming material per in-house requirements both visually and dimensionally in accordance with AQL quality levels. All manufactured assemblies and components follow the same guidelines and include complete electrical testing per internal and customer engineering specifications. Records of all tests are maintained in our database.

We realize the importance of testing. Our years of experience with military design—where failure is not an option—inform our verification process.

This ensures all design, mechanical, and acceptance testing are from manufacturers such as:

  • Bertan
  • Biddle
  • Boonton
  • Cirris
  • Fil-Coil
  • Hiptronics
  • Isotek
  • Tektronix
  • Tenney
  • Thermotron


Testing and Qualification

Caton adheres to very strict quality assurance test procedures to ensure that all products leaving our facility meet all specifications and have no visual or mechanical defects. Through our in house capabilities, Caton performs mechanical, electrical, environmental, and failure analysis testing.

Some of the tests that we perform include:

  • Accelerated life
  • Altitude with temperature
  • Bend
  • Cable flex/pull/pullout/retention
  • Connect/disconnect
  • Partial discharge
  • Immersion
  • Ingress protection
  • Mate & un-mate
  • Salt spray
  • Sand & dust
  • Vibration

Quality Notes

F-022 – Aero Supplier Quality Requirements

Conflict Materials Policy