Rapid Product Modification (RPM)

Caton’s Rapid Product Modification (RPM) reduces time-to-market. Whether developing an entirely new interconnect solution or modifying existing connectors and cable assemblies, we can move quickly from design to development.

Our Rapid Product Modification (RPM) capability is used to quickly modify existing Caton connectors and cable assemblies. When projects require custom solutions, our team of engineers has the experience and knowledge to move rapidly through the design and prototyping phases. This means we begin the manufacturing process more quickly, ensuring that the finished product is delivered to clients as swiftly as possible.

Our extensive experience creating custom solutions to meet real-world needs and timelines allows us to guide the client’s development of specifications. We know the common issues that arise in each type of assembly and can anticipate needs the client may have overlooked. By mapping their component requirements to our device capability, we are able to expedite the specifications process. Our design team can move quickly from ideation to prototyping.

Whether customers require a simple SLA model or a more fully-rendered prototype to test the look, fit and feel of a solution, Caton makes the process of moving from concept to completion simple.