Interconnect and Wire Solutions

At Caton, we believe the right custom cable assemblies can add significant device value. Custom cable assemblies and connectors are allowing today’s devices to be smaller, more reliable, more user-friendly, and more attractive.

For almost 50 years, Caton has been developing high voltage custom cable assemblies for the toughest military applications. Today, with a diverse line of high-voltage, low-voltage, signal and fluid connector, and cable capabilities, Caton can meet the needs of any market and application.

Caton Connector and Cable Assembly

Multi-Pin High Voltage

Voltage: 5 – 50 KVDC
Power: 4 – 85 AMPS
19 Standard Pin Configurations
10 Shell Sizes
Corona Free Designs

friction-fit connectors

Single Pin High Voltage

Voltage: 10 – 45 KVDC
Power: 4 – 10 AMPS
Push-Pull and Screw Mating
3 Connector Sizes
Corona Free Designs

High Voltage Wire

Voltage: 10 – 80 KVDC
AWG: 22 – 8
Corona Free Designs

High Voltage Feedthrough

Voltage: 10 – 60 KVDC
Power: 6.5 – 26 AMPS
5 Standard Configurations
5 Shell Sizes
Corona Free Designs

Custom Solutions

All of Caton’s Standard products can be easily modified to meet your specific needs.