Custom Cable Assemblies

At Caton, we believe the right custom cable assemblies can add significant device value. Custom cable assemblies and connectors are allowing today’s devices to be smaller, more reliable, more user-friendly, and more attractive.

For almost 50 years years, Caton has been developing high voltage custom cable assemblies for the toughest military applications. Today, with a diverse line of high-voltage, low-voltage, signal and fluid connector, and cable capabilities, Caton can meet the needs of any market and application.

An important part of the Caton difference is its ability to deliver innovative design aesthetics that artfully integrate with devices, and extensive ergonomic and end-user experiences. We also provide responsive service and exceptional quality assurance to help clients get to market faster and more securely.

Caton custom cable assembly capability is informed by decades of designing and manufacturing proprietary interconnects for military, avionics, utility, medical, and semiconductor customers. Whether improving a current cable design to meet new requirements or developing entirely new hybrid solutions to effect new efficiencies, Caton brings the experience and design skill to create practical high-quality solutions. Another of Caton’s custom design strengths is its ability to modify existing designs to realize cost efficiencies. While some applications call for whole-cloth design, development, molding, and tooling, others need only subtle adaptation to add significant benefit.

Whether designing and developing an entirely new custom cable assembly solution or updating existing designs, Caton offers quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer support. We can customize off-the-shelf cables or create entirely new cable designs to meet the individual needs of each application.