High-Voltage Interconnect

Caton High Voltage Cables and Connectors
Caton is the high-voltage interconnect leader. Since inventing the no-corona high-voltage interconnect more than forty years ago, Caton has been making ruggedized high-voltage connectors and cable assemblies to meet and exceed the military’s most demanding applications. Since our start, Caton has continued innovating high-voltage performance and reliability. In addition to manufacturing custom high voltage interconnects that meet specific requirements, we also provide on-site service to make it faster and easier to service and replace our cables used in naval vessels or aerospace applications in which removal and shipment is an impediment. Caton’s 14, 16, 17, and 19 Series high-voltage connectors have been battle tested on land, sea, air and in space.

In addition to military applications, Caton today supplies high-voltage interconnects for medical, industrial and automation applications.