Standard Connector Platforms

Caton connectors excel in many applications.

Our standard circular connector platforms offer customers the rugged reliability and proven performance Caton is known for with the rapid customizability and hybridization of highly modifiable standard products. Our patented no-corona high-voltage connectors have been keeping military and other critical applications connected for almost 50 years. Our innovative QL and Icon auto-latching circular connectors feature extreme ease of use and ruggedness and can be easily customized to meet a wide range of needs. These connectors can also be designed for hybrid applications incorporating power, signal, fluids, light and more into a single interconnect. Modifying Caton’s standard connector platforms give its customers high quality, reliability, and aesthetics out of the gate.

Caton Connector and Cable Assembly

Building on the foundation of high-quality connectors, we are able to design custom assemblies to meet customer needs. Our years of experience with a wide variety of projects gives us the knowledge we need to create custom solutions. Our cable assemblies incorporate our connectors into complete solutions that meet or exceed the specifications developed by our clients.

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