Aerospace & Avionics

Caton brings decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance custom aerospace interconnect and avionic interconnect systems. Whether your vehicle is designed to operate at an altitude of a few thousand feet, in the upper stratosphere, or outside Earth’s atmosphere, reliability is a primary concern. Our robust assemblies are designed to operate under any conditions, and our wide range of connectors have the capacity to handle everything from high-voltage loads to multiple low-voltage signals.

Custom cable assembly allowing digital and analog communication for redundant aircraft communication systems

With over 40 years of experience in the interconnect industry, we have provided avionics solutions for military and civilian craft that operate under the harshest conditions. We invented the high-voltage, non-corona connector and continue to innovate in that field. We have a heritage of expertise that allows us to create assemblies that reliably transmit power to all systems.

We are also pioneers in multi-purpose cabling. Many modern aerospace designs require couplings that can carry a variety of electrical signals, providing both power and data connectivity within a single cable. Whether you need to connect controllers to motors activating flight surfaces or send information between instrument stacks, our ready-made solutions and custom assemblies can handle any job.