Caton leads the way in rugged, reliable industrial interconnects to meet the toughest demands of automation and factory environments. Modern manufacturing requires interconnects that perform reliably under stressful conditions. With more than 40 years of experience creating innovating solutions, we know how to meet the demands placed upon connectors. Our rugged and reliable connector assemblies can withstand heat, sparks, flexion and extension, crushing force, shocks, impacts, and mechanical stress.

Our industrial interconnects and cable assemblies are commonly used in  robotics, automated equipment, inspection sensors, security and surveillance equipment, and lighting applications.  Our standard yet highly customizable QL connector serves as the ultimate industrial connector platform.  Due to its rugged materials, IP-67 rating, and optional helical contacts, the QL can stand up to many challenging environments.

The QL is built with modular tooling, which means a new insert configuration can be done fast and affordably. Typical hybrid configurations feature air, RF, and high voltage. With an overmolded strain relief, the cable assembly can withstand use and abuse in the field.

In addition, our assemblies are built with quick-locking mechanisms instead of the industry-standard threaded connectors. This allows them to be installed or replaced in a fraction of the time needed for threaded connectors. Automation systems often involve 20,000 or more connectors, which means the cumulative amount of time and money saved with our connectors can be significant. The intuitive QL Series coupler also furnishes users with visual, tactile, and audible confirmation that a secure connection has been made.