Caton designs and manufactures custom medical interconnects for leading medical equipment OEMs. From equipment used for general examinations to the most sophisticated surgical instruments, we provide device manufacturers the interconnects they need to develop new medical and dental equipment quickly and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art interconnects make it possible for medical manufacturers to produce innovative systems to exact specifications.

We produce medical interconnects for a wide-variety of applications, including x-ray, lasers, non-invasive surgical equipment, MRIs, and patient monitoring. High flexibility and stress relief allow the cables to be easily fit to the assembly while providing durability.Our clean-room technology combined with high bond polymers mean contaminants are eliminated at the start and prevented from ever entering the assembly.

The performance of a medical device can be a factor in improving someone’s quality of life or even saving their life. Our years of experience and our sterling reputation mean doctors, nurses, and paramedics can be confident their equipment will perform when it matters most.

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