Medical Connectors

medical connector

Medical Connectors Customized for Any Application

Caton develops custom medical connectors for a wide variety of medical electronic applications. While Caton may be best known for its no-corona high-voltage connector technology, we offer an array of plastic shell, auto-latching connectors that excel in medical device applications. Having acquired DG Interconnect in 2016, Caton now offers the IC and QL series of auto-latching in-line and right-angle connectors. Caton also makes custom high voltage connectors and cable assemblies primarily for medical imaging equipment.

When it comes to Medical Connectors, experience and quality matter

Caton’s leadership and design engineering team have experience working with medical device OEMs to develop medical connectors for a wide range of medical applications. Our manufacturing and quality assurance processes lead to better performance and fewer problems.

Caton Medical Connector Applications:

  • X-Ray
  • Laser
  • Non Invasive Medical Therapy
  • Neuro Therapy
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Instrumentation
  • Patient Monitoring

medical connectors

Caton hybrid medical connector
Our QL series connectors offer hybrid configurations combining multiple types of signal, power, light, fluids, and more.

Our QL Series connectors are designed for medical device applications. Offered in standard diameters from .520″ to 1.15″, our standard QL Series connectors can address a wide range of configuration needs. QL Series connectors are also ideal for custom hybrid applications in which power, signal, fluid, air, and light are combined into a single cable assembly or handpiece.

Caton Icon low-profile plastic medical connector

Our IC Series connectors offer the lowest-profile right-angle possibilities. Designed to save space and avoid accidental cable stress, these connectors add value in the operating theater and anywhere cable management is needed.

Caton feed-through connectors

Caton’s FT Series feed-through connectors have voltage ratings up to 100KV and allow transmission of high voltage to and from oil insulated devices. FT series connectors are ideal for x-ray tubes, high powered lasers, and other high-voltage applications.

hybrid dental connector

Caton works directly with medical device OEM engineers to develop custom connectors and to customize its standard connector platforms to meet a variety of needs.

Capabilities to address real-world medical interconnect challenges:

  • Connector consolidation: Fewer connectors means less complexity and lower cost. Caton designs and manufacturers small hybrid connectors and cable assemblies that allow devices to be smaller, reduce the number of required cables, and makes devices easier to use.
  • Consistent high voltage: Caton invented the no-corona high-voltage interconnect standard 40 years ago. Caton high-voltage connectors supply pure, consistent voltage to improve device performance.
  • Shielding: low-noise shielding is an important consideration in most modern connector and cable assembly design. Caton regularly develops shielded cables and components to reduce interference.
  • Custom overmolding: Overmolding and material treatment makes a significant difference in the longevity and performance of connectors. Caton designs custom strain reliefs and uses advanced bonding techniques to ensure produce longer-lasting, high performance connectors and cable assemblies.

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