Feedthrough Connectors for High Voltage Applications

Caton high voltage feedthrough connectorsCaton’s FT Series High Voltage Feedthrough Connectors are configured as a detachable feedthrough for transmitting high voltage to and from oil insulated devices. With voltage ratings up to 100KV, these connectors are ideal for transformers, x-ray tubes, and high power lasers. The FT Series may be custom configured to address multi-pole applications.

What sets the FT high voltage feedthrough connectors apart?

At the core of FT Series technology is a unique interface seal that effectively evacuates trapped air and gas from mating connectors. By combining this seal with our low-stress contact system, a robust, corona free connection is achieved that will endure the life of the application. No need to grease up!

The FT Series, silicone plug is bonded directly to a triple extruded, high voltage cable during the molding process. This special cable is laminated with semi-conductive layers that reduce electrical stress throughout the cable assembly. This construction is especially effective in high flex, dynamic applications.

No imaging application is quite the same. The FT Series is fully adaptable. Potential modifications include custom contact inserts, strain reliefs, material, color, and mounting style. Caton’s competence in high voltage, signal, and RF technology allow us to produce effective hybrid packages that optimize cable management.

Operating Voltage: up to 100KVDC*
Operating Current: 26 AMPS*
Operating temperature -55C to +125C*
Tapered interfacial Seal for corona resistance
Bulkhead and inline screw coupling mating style
Full EMI / RFI shielding
  • Compact size
  • Grease-free mating interface
  • Gas-tight receptacle / panel-mount seal
  • Compatible with most insulating oils
  • X-ray tubes
  • Transformers
  • High Power laser