14 Series High Voltage Connector

Caton’s 14 Series high voltage connector line are single conductor, inline assemblies designed to excel in military, medical, scientific, and industrial high voltage applications. The connectors utilize Caton’s proven tapered conical interface design making the 14 series ideal for applications subject to high vibrations, shock and humidity.

The 14 series high voltage connectors are single conductor, inline assemblies designed for high voltage applications where high performance and a “steady-state” voltage is required at a lower cost than conventional shell type connectors.

The silicone body is bonded directly to the wire for maximum dielectric strength which makes it ideal for quick connect and disconnect applications. The 14 series is offered in a panel mount and finger grip design and is available in a wide range of voltages.

1.0 Electrical (When Properly Mated)
1.1 Operating Voltage:10-45 kVDC
1.2 Current:4-10 AMPS
2.0 Mechanical
2.1 Style:Panel Mount & Finger Grip
2.2 Plug Termination:Bonded directly to the Cable
3.0 Environmental
3.1 Operating Temperature Range:-55°C to +125°C
4.0 Materials
4.1 Connector Body:Silicone Rubber per A-A-59588, Class 2B (ZZ-R-765)
4.1.1 Male Connector:Color Red, Durometer, 70 Shore A
4.1.2 Female Connector:Color Red, Durometer, 50 Shore A
4.2 Pin Contact:Hard Brass per QQ-B-626
4.3 Socket Contact:Beryllium Copper Alloy, Grade M33-25 or M173
4.4. Pin and Socket:Gold Plated per MIL-G-45204, Class 1, Type II
4.5 Wire:Tin or Silver Plated Copper, Silicone Insulation10 kVDC, 20 AWG, 0.100 Diameter30 kVDC, 18 AWG, 0.200 Diameter40 kVDC, 16 AWG, 0.295 Diameter
  • No-shell design
  • Quick connect & disconnect
  • Voltage ratings of 10-45 kVDC
  • Amperage ranges from 4-10A
  • Tapered conical interface
  • Panel mount & finger grip
  • Styles available in all voltage configurations
  • Double ended designs available
  • Land & airborne radar systems
  • Harsh environments
  • CRT & heads-up cockpit video display
  • High-vibration applications
14 Series High Voltage Connector14 Series High Voltage Connectors
  • 14 Series High Voltage Connector
  • 14 Series High Voltage Connectors