17 Series High Voltage Connector

Caton’s 17 series high voltage connector and cable assemblies are the ideal interconnects for high voltage power supplies, medical, industrial, scientific, and military applications. These assemblies feature a single conductor and are designed for high voltage applications where a “steady state” voltage is required.

To ensure a safe connector, the 17 series features a screw on coupling mechanism. This customizable high voltage connector is offered in multiple voltages and sizes.

The 17 series can quickly and easily be modified to suit most applications. Modifications include hardware, cable, and markings. The 17 series can also be configured as a detachable feed through for transmitting high voltage to and from oil insulated devices.

1.1 Operating Voltage:15-40 kVDC
1.2 Current:6.5-10 AMPS
1.3 Corona Resistant:Tapered Interfacial Seals
2.0 Mechanical
2.1 Style:Bulkhead and Inline Screw Coupling
2.2 Termination:Resilient Silicone Plugs Molded Directly to the Cable
3.0 Environmental
3.1 Altitude:Sea Level to 70,000 feet*
3.2 Operating Temperature Range:-55°C to +125°C
4.0 Materials
4.1 Connector Body Plug:Silicone Rubber per A-A-59588 (ZZ-R-765), Class 2B, Color; Red, Durometer; 70 Shore A
4.2 Connector Body Receptacle:Thermoset Diallyl Phthalate Per ASTM D 5948-96 (MIL-M-14), Color; Green
4.3 Unshielded Assemblies:
4.3.1 Coupling Rings and Ferrules:Polycarbonate Per ASTM-D3935 (L-P-393)
4.4 Shielded Assemblies:
4.4.1 Coupling Rings and Ferrules:Hard Brass Per QQ-B-626, Tin Plated Per ASTM B 545 (MIL-T-10727)
4.5 Jam Nut Receptacles:Hard Brass Per QQ-B-626, Tin Plated Per ASTM B 545 (MIL-T-10727)
4.6 Cable:Tin or Silver Plated Copper, Silicone Insulation
4.7 Cable Shielding:Braided Tinned Copper Per A-A-59569 (QQ-B-575)
4.8. Cable Jacket (Shielded Assemblies Only):Silicone Rubber Per A-A-59588 (ZZ-R-765), Class 2B, Color Black
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Quick connect & disconnect
  • Voltage Ratings of 10-40 kVDC
  • Corona-Resistant Designs
  • Exclusive Caton Tapered Conical Interface
  • Power Supplies
  • Satellite NAV systems
  • Medical Scanning Equipment
  • Laser Equipment
  • Land and Airborne Radar Systems
17 Series High Voltage Connector
  • 17 Series High Voltage Connector