19 Series High-Voltage Connector

The 19 Series high-voltage connector and cable assemblies are our foremost, standard, assembly designed for high pulse applications where Corona-Free high voltage and high reliability are required. All standard assemblies utilize Caton’s proven silicone rubber tapered interface. Our low profile receptacles commonly use silicone inserts as an insulator. In oil to air applications, Diallyl Phthalate is used as a dielectric because of its exceptional resistance to most common insulation oils.

1.0 Electrical
1.1 Operating Voltage:60 kVDC, 20 kVRMS
1.2 Current:26 AMPS
1.3 Corona Resistant:Tapered Interfacial Seal
2.0 Mechanical
2.1 Style:Bulkhead and Inline Screw Coupling
2.2 Termination:Resilient Silicone Rubber Insulator Molded Directly to the Cable
3.0 Environmental
3.1 Altitude:Sea Level to 70,000 feet
3.2 Operating Temperature Range:-55°C to +125°C
4.0 Materials
4.1 Connector Body Plug:Silicone Rubber per A-A-59588 (ZZ-R-765), Class 2B, Color; Red, Durometer; 70 Shore A
4.2 Connector Body Receptacle:Thermoset Diallyl Phthalate Per ASTM D 5948-96 (MIL-M-14), Color; Green
4.3 Cable:Silver Plated Copper, Triple Extruded Silicone Insulation
4.4 Cable Shielding:Braided Tinned Copper Per A-A-59569 (QQ-B-575)
4.5. Cable Jacket (Shielded Assemblies Only):Silicone Rubber Per A-A-59588 (ZZ-R-765), Class 2B, Color Black
  • Corona Free Operation
  • High Pulse Applications
  • High Temperature
  • High Altitude Applications
  • Operating Voltage to 60 kVDC
  • Exclusive Caton Tapered Conical Interface
  • Power Supplies
  • Ground Radar Installations
  • Shipboard Power Systems
  • Electron Microscopes & Accelerators
  • Electron Beam Scanning Equipment
19 Series high-voltage connector19-series-high-voltage-cable
  • 19 Series high-voltage connector
  • 19-series-high-voltage-cable