High Voltage Power Supply Connectors

Caton brings over 50 years of high voltage connector and cable assembly design and manufacturing experience for high voltage power supplies. With connector voltage ranges of 1kV to 70kV all while maintaining corona free performance, Caton has a solution for you.

We have been working with industry leaders in the high voltage power supply market for decades, providing robust, reliable, highly engineered, and cost-effective high voltage cable assemblies. Our 16 series can be configured to suit most applications without any engineering or tooling costs. Caton’s 17 series high voltage feed through cable assemblies are our most used single pin high voltage connectors, and our 14 series push-pull high voltage connectors are used where quick mating is needed in a compact application, all while being budget friendly.

Download our high-voltage connector datasheets today to review our portfolio of industry-proven connectors for high-voltage power supplies.