IC Series Right Angle Connector

Right angle connector

iCon Series Right-Angle Connector with an Ultra-Low Profile

The IC Series Connector (iCon) is a state of the art right angle connector platform intended for contemporary instrumentation applications. The design of this right angle connector is based on insight gleaned from extensive interaction with our customers in addressing common interconnect challenges its elegant design features auto-latch, auto-seal, and auto-eject mechanisms that set new standards in ergo functionality. The iCon connector keeps a low profile while addressing a variety of relevant cable management issues.

Highly adaptable to unique application requirements, the iCon is targeted towards trendsetting industrial designers and those looking to make a statement with their instrument panel, console, and electronic equipment designs.

Lowest Profile Connector

The ultra-low profile, iCon connector sets a new standard for multi-conductor, right angle, circular interconnects. Part of our design goal for the iCon was to address the cable management issues inherent with axial-mount and traditional right-angle connectors. By reducing the profile, the mated connector sits flush or may be recessed into the equipment panel protecting the connector from damage. Rather than projecting like an antenna from the electronic device the cable is now oriented flush and may be channeled along the equipment housing. The risk of snagging, tripping, or tangling device cables is greatly reduced.

To complement the aesthetic appeal of a properly managed cable, the iCon has additional features that help it blend seamlessly into its environment. The panel-mount receptacle mounts clean and flush to the instrument panel. The receptacle sealing cap, long considered an eyesore by the design community, is no longer visible on the panel. The iCon receptacle has a built-in seal that automatically retracts only when a properly keyed plug is introduced. The receptacle reseals itself automatically, once the plug is disengaged. No more dangling cap and chain.

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Auto-Latch / Quick Release Mating
Auto-Eject Disengagement
Sleek, Ergonomic Design
Positive Engagement
Safe, Touch-proof Contacts
Sleek, Ergonomic Design
  • Ultra Low Mated Profile
  • Splash / Dust Proof
  • Precision Contact Elements
  • Multiple Housing Options Available
  • Custom Contact Arrangements
  • Pantone Color Matching
  • Hide Away Protective Cap
  • Keyed and Sealed Plug Entry Precision Contact Elements
  • Adapts to a Variety of Cable Styles
  • Custom Contact Arrangements Adaptive Modular Construction Pantone Color Matching
  • Adaptive Modular Construction
  • Electronic Medical Devices
  • Consumer Electronic Applications
  • Scientific Equipment