Caton High-Voltage Connectors

Caton is a U.S. company that has been building custom and custom-standard high-voltage connectors, cable assemblies, and custom solutions for the world’s most demanding applications since 1973. Caton high-voltage connectors excel on land, at sea, or in space and fulfill the needs of military, industrial, medical, and specialized applications. Our patented no-corona technology, quality focus, and customer service ensure performance today in the decades to come.

Caton High Voltage Connector lines

16 Series Multi-Pin High Voltage Connector

threaded circular connector - 16 series

Excellent for high-voltage power supplies, military, medical, scientific, and industrial applications requiring high reliability in various temperatures, altitudes, and environmental conditions.

  • Impervious to the surrounding environment
  • Modular design allows quick customization of inserts, moldings, housings, material, color, and markings.

14 Series Single-Pin High Voltage Connector

friction-fit connectors

Single conductor, inline assemblies designed to excel in military, medical, scientific, and industrial high-voltage applications. It utilizes Caton’s proven tapered conical interface design, making the 14 series ideal for applications subject to high vibrations, shock, and humidity.

  • Silicone body bonded directly to the wire for maximum dielectric strength, ideal for quick connect and disconnect applications
  • Offered in a panel mount and finger grip designs and is available in a wide range of voltages

17 Series Single-Pin High Voltage Connector

17 Series High Voltage Connector

Feature a single conductor designed for high voltage applications requiring a “steady state” voltage.

To ensure a safe connector, the 17 series features a screw-on coupling mechanism. This customizable high-voltage connector is offered in multiple voltages and sizes.

  • Modifications include hardware, cable, and markings
  • Can be configured as a detachable feed-through for transmitting high voltage to and from oil-insulated devices

19 Series Single-Pin High Voltage Connector

bayonet-style circular connector

Our foremost standard assembly is designed for high pulse applications where Corona-Free high voltage and high reliability are required.

All standard assemblies utilize Caton’s proven silicone rubber tapered interface. Our low-profile receptacles commonly use silicone inserts as an insulator. In oil-to-air applications, Diallyl Phthalate is used as a dielectric because of its exceptional resistance to most common insulation oils.

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