Custom Medical Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Design, Testing, and Manufacture of Medical Connectors

Caton designs and manufactures custom medical connectors and cable assemblies for medical electronics OEMs. Our standard medical connectors can be modified for a wide range of power, signal, light, fluid, and hybrid configurations. Connectors can be custom color-matched to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are rugged and ergonomic.

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Featured Products

  • QL Series Plastic Circular Auto-latching Connectors

    Caton quick connect plastic medical connectors
    Plastic circular medical connector with auto-locking mechanism that provides confirmation the connector pair is fully engaged

  • IC Series Low-Profile Right-Angle Auto-latching Connectors

    Caton Icon low-profile plastic medical connector
    An ultra-low profile connector setting the standard for multi conductor, right angle, circular interconnects

  • FT Series High Voltage Feed Through Connectors

    Caton high voltage cable assemblies
    Voltage ratings up to 100KV ideal for transformers, x-ray tubes, and high power lasers

  • Custom Medical Cable Assemblies

    Caton custom cables
    Customizing off-the-shelf cables or creating entirely new cable designs to meet the individual needs of each medical device application

  • 17 Series High Voltage Connectors

    Secure and steady no-corona high-voltage connector with a screw-on coupling mechanism

  • Hybrid Plastic Circular Connectors

    Caton hybrid connectors and cable assemblies
    Combine power, light, signal, fluids and more to reduce footprint and improve cable management

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